Conference Publications/ Presentation

  • Rajat Ghosh, Yogendra Joshi, Levente Klein, and Hendrik Hamann, Reduced-order Modeling Framework for Improving Spatial Resolution of Data Center Transient Air Temperatures, Semi-Therm, San Jose, California, March 17-21, 2013, (PaperPresentation)
  •  Rajat Ghosh, Vikneshan Sundaralingam, and Yogendra Joshi, Effect of Rack Server Population on Temperatures in Data Centers, ITherm, San Diego, California, May 30-June 1, 2012, (PaperPresentation)
  •  Rajat Ghosh, Vikneshan Sundaralingam, Steven Isaacs, Pramod Kumar and Yogendra Joshi, Transient Air Temperature Measurements in a Data Center, ASME-ISHMT, Chennai, India, Dec. 27-30, 2011 (Paper)
  •  Rajat Ghosh, Pramod Kumar, Vikneshan Sundaralingam, and Yogendra Joshi, Experimental Characterization of Transient Temperature Evolution in a Data Center Facility, ISTP-22, Delft, the Nether-lands, Nov. 8-11, 2011 (Paper)
  •  Rajat Ghosh and Yogendra Joshi, Dynamic Reduced-order Thermal Modeling of Data Center Air Temperatures, ASME-InterPACK, Portland, Oregon, July 6-8, 2011 (PaperPresentation)
  •  Alexander Alexeev, Rajat Ghosh, Gavin A. Buxton, O. Berk Usta, and Anna C. Balazs, Using Actuated Cilia to Regulate Motion of Microscopic Particles, ASME 2010 First Global Congress on NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology, Houston, Texas, Feb. 7-10, 2010 (Paper)
  •  Rajat Ghosh, Gavin A. Buxton, O. Berk Usta, Anna C. Balazs, and Alexander Alexeev, Actuated cilial layers regulate deposition of microscopic solid particles, APS-DFD 62nd Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nov. 22-24, 2009 (Presentation)
  •  Suman Chakraborty and Rajat Ghosh, Analysis of Centrifugally Aided Micro-Capillary Filling and Related Interfacial Transport, ASME-ISHMT, Hyderabad, India, Jan. 3-5, 2008 (Paper)